Wire Works Inc.

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Artemis Solutions Website Design

As a Lansing based small business, Wire Works Inc. sought out Artemis to give their brand proper presence on the web.  They did not have a web presence and needed a modern solution in order to maintain current customers' expectations and attract future clients.

Initially, Wire Works Inc. believed they needed a self-managed Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress, Drupal or Squarespace.  However, after analyzing their business and personal needs Artemis found that the one-page Fluid Inline site offering was the perfect solution for them.  Artemis’ Fluid Inline offering is custom one-page site crafted using modern web standards. The Fluid Inline site offered Wire Works Inc. the ability to get a site up and running in a matter of weeks! As a managed solution, Artemis will provided security updates as well as content updates requested by Wire Works Inc.

Artemis also implemented standardized company email address based on their web domain to complete their brand identity.

Artemis was proud to work with Wire Works Inc. to deliver solutions that would move their business forward in order to serve the residents of Lansing and the surrounding areas.

Our experience with John Gilkey and his team has been extraordinary.  Technology now changes at such a high rate and when we had to scrap our original website due to obsolescence, Artemis stepped in and designed a website that we LOVE.  It allows our customers to get a better understanding of our services, read online reviews and contact us with two clicks for emergency service whether using a mobile device or a computer.   Artemis made it easy for us to complete this project with constant contact and follow up.  Would recommend for large or small businesses. 10/10.

- Tracey Mullaney, Wire Works Inc.