Artemis Solutions Group

As one of mid-Michigan's leading IT consulting firms, it isn't just important for Artemis Solutions Group to showcase a strong online portfolio — it's a necessity. In 2014, work began to remodel the previously static, out-of-date site and created a new look and feel that aligns perfectly with the Artemis mission. 

The updated site was made increasingly relevant to an IT consulting firm and includes in-depth case studies, impressive documentation of the expertise present at Artemis, and a comprehensive list of all the solutions Artemis has, and can, provide.

With the new content came the new design, which is most identifiable by its greater emphasis on navigability. Upon first entering the site, users are greeted with categorized items marked by clean-cut icons which perfectly showcases the contemporary design exhibited by Artemis. This clean, geometric design free of unneccessary clutter allows the content provided by Artemis to be found easily. The homepage also displays a slight parallax scroll with smooth animations.

At any point during a tour around the site, a user is able to use the clear header navigation to find new content, use the footer to find the location of Artemis and further navigation points, or use a side navigation to discover nestled items of interest. Wherever the user finds themselves, they are followed by "sticky" side icons that allows users to access support or their client portal. 

And of course, while this site looks and functions well on any computer, it can also be accessed in just as functional and beautiful a way on any other mobile device. This responsive design demonstrates the expertise that can be found at Artemis even across many different platforms and devices.