Custom Applications

Core Competency

Custom application development has been a core competency of Artemis since our company began in 1997. Custom software is challenging, but also extremely rewarding and beneficial. We've helped many orginizations grow by introducing custom software to manage processes.  

Joint Application Development

Our methodology requires considerable client participation in the beginning phases. We don't presume to know your business better than you, so we will need to work together to discover all the nuances.

Should You Consider Custom Application Development?

We tend to see the need for custom application development arise from one of the follow situations:

Excel Overload

If you’re using dozens of Excel spreadsheets to manage an area of your business operations, odds are pretty good that you could benefit from custom software.

Growing Complexity of Operations

Are your operations at risk because too much information is maintained in the minds of your staff? As your organization grows, complexity tends to grow with it. A custom application will allow you to capture the details and deliver more consistent results.

Desire for Systems Integration

We love projects that integrate systems that don’t natively speak to one another. For example, you could integrate your telephone system with your customer service application so your staff knows who is calling and how they can help before they even answer the phone.

Unique Process

Sometimes the software you need just doesn’t exist yet. If that’s the case, we’d love to build it for you.