NCR Aloha Loyalty Solution

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Artemis has significant experience integrating mobile apps and web portals with the NCR Aloha Loyalty Solution API. Serve your customers better and build brand loyalty by engaging your customers in the ways they want to interact: iPhone and Android apps and web portals.

Let your customers gain access to their point balances, gift cards balances, and take advantage of available discounts and coupons.

Build customer profiles and begin to better understand and serve your customers. Now that you know who your customers are and where they live and work, you can correlate your marketing efforts with customer outcomes and calculate your return on marketing dollars.

Let Artemis help you build an app or web portal that utilizes the NCR Aloha Loyalty API and take customer engagement to a new level.

More information for the NCR Aloha Loyalty Solution can be found hereĀ at their website.